Autoservizi Bizzarro is a company specializing in logistics, real estate and sea shipments . Like many household-name Italian businesses, Autoservizi Bizzarro is a family-run concern. Immediately after WWII, Floridante Bizzarro’s career started at a company owned by a relative, where he worked as a driver in northern Italy, marked by the struggle to keep pace with the economic and manufacturing changes brought about by Fiat and its downstream activities. He went on to buy his first goods vehicle, going on to invest in touring coaches and the passenger transport sector by acquiring the Autolinee Cancello – Benevento bus service. In 1976 Floridante Bizzarro placed his passenger transport activities in the hands of his brother Vittorio, allowing him to focus on developing his road haulage business for food industry companies.
The desire to provide a fitting response to the growing needs of its clients resulted in new investments, with an exponential increase in the size of the fleet and the breadth of services offered, the acquisition of Matras, a company active in the field of national transport, is part of this development.
Today Autoservizi Bizzarro is an important logistics company, partner of the best Italian and international companies. 

Changing generations, same values

Today, current proprietor Salvatore Bizzarro is promoting the same values of professionalism and enthusiasm that have been hallmarks of the business from its very beginnings. New ideas and advanced technologies have made it possible to further extend the company’s impressive store of know-how. With a single and unvarying aim: to guarantee impeccable standards of customer service at all times, in a relationship of true partnership that goes far beyond the simply provision of services. Despite the company’s remarkable growth over the years, the direct relationship that the Bizzarro family maintains with each member of staff remains critically important to share motivation and promote a sense of belonging. These values have led to the creation of a skilled team capable of meeting every daily challenge with the utmost efficiency. Autoservizi Bizzarro is traditionally proud of its Italian heritage and takes matters of social accountability very seriously: the company’s registered offices have always been in Italy, and all personnel are directly employed in accordance with Italian contractual conditions. This approach is evident also in the company’s operations and in the security that comes from having direct and continuous control of all activities.

Green credentials

Reducing the environmental impact associated with road haulage activities is among the firm’s top priorities.
Constant updating of the fleet, using vehicles with ever lower emission levels, and the attention devoted to load optimization to ensure full saturation at all times: two concrete pledges to safeguard the environment and the lives of future generations.