Reliability, punctuality and quality

The difficulty is to make it easy: it is not just a matter of moving goods from one place to another.
It must be done in compliance with the customer’s needs and:

  • making sure transported goods remain perfectly intact using vehicles and warehouses equipped with all the necessary technology to guarantee and certify perfect preservation of the product.
  • offering an accurate service, with on-time responses and in-depth know-how of the sector, a skilled team, high traffic volumes to allow optimisation of trips, proprietary hubs in the territory and advanced real-time goods monitoring systems.
  • moving safely… anywhere thanks to an in-depth knowledge of Italy and its many peculiarities
  • respecting the environment with the latest generation of low-emission vehicles for reduced environmental impact, travelling with full loads.


Italy has always presented difficulties in terms of logistics due to its geography and the extremely fragmented nature of consignment points. Bizzarro has a detailed knowledge of the entire country and can provide shipments to all regions, islands included, from production plant to distribution centre.


An efficient international haulage service, consolidated over many years of operations, makes Bizzarro a reliable partner also for companies operating on the European and International markets, which must be served efficiently and accurately.
Our international experience translates also into a detailed knowledge of legislative requirements in the various destination countries, this being an essential prerequisite for rapid deliveries without hold-ups caused by unforeseen bureaucratic difficulties.
The countries in which we are present are shown in red.

Our locations


The Marcianise headquarters is the heart of  Bizzarro Company: an elegant and modern structure holds the general direction and operational offices. The compound also includes an equipped garage for vehicle maintenance. Large forecourts allow the safe and protected parking of the entire fleet thanks to a 24-hour concierge and modern security systems. The area for the refueling and washing of tractors and semi-trailers allows to have vehicles always ready and in line with the company image.


Autoservizi Bizzarro has in Parma a large forecourt for vehicles parking also equipped with offices, garage and car washes. The entire area is enclosed and equipped with surveillance as well as video security systems, remotely manageble. Its strategic position nearby  the Parma Centro highway exit makes it a strategic point for interchange